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DFG founder James Wo explains why he believes Polkadot is “way ahead of the curve”

James Wo, founder of Polkadot, is the head developer for Parity Technologies and a board member at Ethereum Foundation. He believes that Polkadot is way ahead of the curve with its unique features like sidechains which offer vastly greater scalability than existing blockchains.

The “shiden coingecko” is a website that provides information on the latest cryptocurrencies. James Wo, founder of DFG, explains why he believes Polkadot is “way ahead of the curve”.


Digital Finance Group (DFG) was created by James Wo in 2015. James has self-funded the company, which now has over $1 billion in assets under control. DFG specializes in blockchain stock and token investments, with a portfolio that includes Layer 1, Layer 2, Web3, CeFi, DeFi, NFTs, and other technologies.

DFG was one of the first crypto VCs to invest in stock, and it was one of the first to back some of the industry’s most well-known firms, including Circle, LedgerX, Coinlist, 3iQ, and Amber Group, to name a few.

Meanwhile, James is a member of the Chamber of Digital Commerce’s board of directors and Chairman of the UAE Licensed Matrix Exchange.

The DFG founder and CEO deconstructed his investment thesis, showing which initiatives he believes have the potential to shape the Web3 future.

Concentrate on the initiatives’ long-term success.

DFG announced an exclusivePolkadot fund in February, dedicated entirely to the creation and development of the DOT ecosystem.

DFG reiterated its position as a significant strategic investor in the ecosystem ahead of the introduction of Polkadot parachain auctions, donating 500,000 DOT to Acala, 500,000 DOT to Efinity, and 300,000 DOT to Astar,crowdloans.

When asked how Polkadot crowdloan support complements DFG’s seed and private round commitments, as well as secondary market investing, James said, “We believe we are investing in more than just a project, we are looking at the team and how they are building a valuable solution that will shift the way we see and use the web.”

“So basically, once we participate in a funding round, we’re looking at it through our long-term glasses, and by supporting them in events like crowdloans or snatching up undervalued tokens in the secondary market, we’re empowering them to focus on said solutions while reducing the stress of checking on their levels of funding,” he explained his Polkadot investment strategy, noting that the end goal is to help create an environment in which their partner projects can succeed.”

Who is prepared for the Web3 era?

When asked who, in his perspective, are Polkadot’s main rivals in terms of utilizing the scalability and interoperability required for Web3, James said that Polkadot is “far ahead of the curve.”

“We’ve only just started with crowdloans, which will result in the first batch being onboarded this December,” James said, adding that “2022 will be even more exciting when it comes to actually having users benefit from some of the amazing platforms and solutions that will begin to work on Polkadot.”

“It would be ingenious not to speak about Ethereum, which has the track record and is working on scalability and interoperability with ETH2.0, while having hundreds of service providers successfully functioning on top of their blockchain,” James noted.

“But, until then, we’re seeing incredible growth in alternative protocols like Solana, Avalanche, NEAR, and Cosmos, which all have scalability and interoperability as one of its foundation principles,” he concluded.

Putting money into Web3 infrastructure

James is looking at future use cases and beyond–investing in infrastructure innovation–in keeping with his vision that Web3 will define the future.

DFG recently led a $1.5 million seed round for Rivet, with the goal of expanding the team as well as product and service development.

We’re excited to lead the @R I V E T seed round since infrastructure is so critical in our business! @DFG OfficiaI @JSquare co

10 December 2021 — James Wo (@realjameswo)

Rivet is a privacy-first node service that connects to the Ethereum blockchain quickly, accurately, and reliably.

“We’re looking at the industry through long-term glasses, which is why our investment thesis has been so effective,” James said of seeking for “technologies that everyone will use, but not necessarily see in the following decades.”



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