About The TEAM

At TheBlockchainBrief.com, we're more than just a website; we're a motley crew of crypto enthusiasts, tech nerds, and, occasionally, finance wizards who've somehow convinced ourselves that diving headfirst into the world of blockchain is the adventure of a lifetime. Led by Matej, our fearless and slightly eccentric captain who still gets a kick out of the fact that you can't physically touch cryptocurrency, we're on a mission to unravel the mysteries of digital currencies for everyone.


Our Founder and Chief Enthusiast: With a background that's a wild mix of tech enthusiasm, finance, and a short stint believing blockchain was a new martial arts technique, Matej is the heart and soul of TheBlockchainBrief.com. He's got more passion for cryptocurrency than most people have for coffee, and that's saying something.


The Tech Whisperer: If it's got code, she can crack it. Alexa is our tech guru, the one who explains the ins and outs of blockchain technology in a way that even Matej can understand. She's also responsible for making sure our site doesn't crash every time Bitcoin's value takes a nosedive.


Market Maestro: With an uncanny ability to predict the ups and downs of the crypto market, Jordan is our go-to for all things investment. Just don't ask him for lottery numbers; he says it's a different kind of prediction magic.


Wordsmith Extraordinaire: If you've ever read an article on our site and thought, "Hey, this makes sense," you've got Sam to thank for that. With a talent for translating "crypto-speak" into human language, Sam's writing keeps our readers coming back for more.


The Social Butterfly: Tina manages our social media with the kind of flair and sass only she can pull off. She keeps our community engaged, entertained, and occasionally educated on all things blockchain.

" My FTX account was hacked! I’m missing all $0.53 worth of crypto. "

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