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Windows 11 is a new operating system from Microsoft that will be available on PCs, tablets and mobile devices. It has been developed to work with the latest technology and features. Here’s our review of the best features of Windows 11.

The pc health check windows 11 is a review of Windows 11. It includes tips and tricks, as well as how to make the most out of your new operating system.

Windows 11 ReviewReview of Windows 11 and a First Look at Windows 11

Review of Windows 11

True, Windows 11 isn’t far away. On June 24, Microsoft announced “the up and coming age of Windows,” a series of significant modifications to the long-running operating system, including its first name change in a long time. The announcement comes just after Microsoft released the most current version of Windows.

Many new features are included in Windows 11, including the ability to download and run Android apps on your Windows PC, as well as changes to Microsoft Teams, the Start menu, and the overall appearance of the product, which is cleaner and more Mac-like in design. (Here are all of our top new Windows 11 features, along with instructions on how to use them.)

Here’s everything you need to know about Windows 11, including its price, resemblance, release date, how to get the beta, new features, and more.

System requirements for Windows 11

Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster on a suitable 64-bit CPU or System on a Chip with 2 or more cores (SoC)
RAM: four gigabytes (GB)
Storage: a storage device with a capacity of 64 GB or more Note: For additional information, see “More information about storage space to keep Windows 11 up to date” below.
Firmware for the system: Secure Boot is supported by UEFI.
TPM: Version 2.0 of the Trusted Platform Module (TPM).
Card for graphics: With the WDDM 2.0 driver, it’s compatible with DirectX 12 or later.
Display: 8 bits per color channel on a high definition (720p) monitor larger than 9 inches diagonally.
Internet access and Microsoft accounts are required. To complete device setup on the first usage, Windows 11 Home edition needs internet access and a Microsoft account. Switching out of Windows 11 Home in S mode also requires internet access. Here’s where you can learn more about S mode. Internet connection is needed for all Windows 11 versions in order to conduct updates and download and use certain features. Some functions require the use of a Microsoft account.

System requirements for Windows 11

windows 11 system requirementsSystem requirements for Windows 11

What makes Windows 10 and Windows 11 so different?

Windows 11 features all of the power and security of Windows 10, but with a fresh new appearance. It also comes with new gadgets, noises, and apps. Everything has been considered. Everything comes together to provide you a revitalizing experience on your computer.

Official First Look at Windows 11

This new Start menu is an enhanced version of what is already available in Windows 10, although it does not include Live Tiles. It has stuck programs, late documents, and the ability to shut down or restart Windows 11 devices instantly. It’s really a lot better than what’s available in Windows 10 right now.

If you don’t require the program icons and Start menu to be emphasized, you may shift them all to one side. When combined with the boring mode that is also available, Windows 11 starts to resemble a more polished version of Windows 10 rather than anything really new.

Windows 11 Start menuBest Windows 11 Review | First Look at Windows 11 64-bit

There are a variety of ways to investigate Windows 11. There are many highlights to examine. You may start using some of them right now. Some will eventually appear as soon as feasible. Before the end of the year, expect a more widespread rollout. Microsoft’s “impossible to miss” hardware requirements for you to be able to run the new OS are certain to cause debate, but regardless of all of the quirks, it is obvious straight out of the gate that Windows 11 is more than just another Windows update for Microsoft. Indeed, as lawmakers across the world began to confront archival Apple’s App Store approaches and, more broadly, the statures of Cupertino’s walled gardens, Redmond sees an opportunity to send a statement. It also didn’t take long to burn through. “Windows has always represented sway for manufacturers and office for customers,” says CEO Satya Nadella. Microsoft is taking the fight to Apple.

It’s doing this in a variety of ways, one of which is by updating its income-sharing methods. It encourages developers to port their apps to Windows. It’s also allowing Android apps to run on the platform. That’s in addition to implementing a slew of “interesting” features and giving the world’s most widely used OS a “spick and span” appearance. macOS, dubbed “the anti-Windows OS,” has existed for as long as anybody can remember. This may be the first time Microsoft has a chance to turn things around, and the company is aware of this, which is why Nadella adds, “With Windows 11, we have a restored sense of Windows’ role on the globe.” Here’s your first look at Windows 11 and all of the major features that will soon be available on your PC.

Widgets2Best Windows 11 Review | First Look at Windows 11 65

Microsoft seems to be far from done with Skype, even as it tries to compete more effectively with Zoom with its competitor stage Teams, which will have its own dedicated place in the taskbar. This is not currently available. However, maybe the most useful addition is the addition of an all-encompassing silent catch for brings on the taskbar, which means you no longer have to search for it within your video calling program, which is, for want of a better term, perplexing regardless of how educated you are.

Windows 11 Multi tskingSnap Layouts for Windows 11 Multitasking

Snap Layouts for Multitasking in Windows 11

Snap Layouts is useful for a variety of purposes. Snap formats are perhaps the greatest feature Microsoft has added in Windows 11, and I believe it was designed for people like me. As a result, if you move your cursor over a window’s enhance button, you’ll see a variety of window designs for organizing your screen. Choose the format and location within the design where you want the window to appear. The idea is to deal with many windows at once, which is something I hope Apple will add in iPadOS eventually.

Pros and Cons of Windows 11


  • New design is more beautiful and consistent.
  • New features and possibilities for gaming
  • Window layout choices are fantastic.
  • Multi-monitor support is improved.
  • Features that improve performance
  • Runs Android applications


  • Requires a newer CPU.
  • Long-time Windows users may be irritated by the unfamiliar appearance.
  • Some helpful utilities are being phased out.

Minor quibbles aside, it’s wonderful to see Microsoft giving their flagship programs the attention it deserves: The business has been putting more effort into its Azure distributed computing administrations in recent years—legitimately. Perhaps Microsoft will entice some Chrome OS users, or even, dare we suggest it, Mac users? Aside from the slick new aesthetics, there are useful new tools and capabilities emerging as execution progresses—far more than can be discussed in a single glance. Even though Windows 11 is only in its early stages, the next version of the workstation software used on 1.3 billion PCs is already impressive. Keep an eye out for future updates to this review, as well as a no-holds-barred comparison against Apple macOS Monterey and ChromeOS.

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Windows 11 is the next version of Microsoft’s operating system. This review will be about the Windows 11 Insider Preview, which is a preview of what will be released in November. Reference: windows 11 insider preview.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Windows 11 going to look like?

Windows 11 is the next version of Microsofts operating system for personal computers, which will be released on October 2nd, 2018. Its expected to have a new design and improved features.

Is Windows 11 a good OS?


Should you install Windows 11 Preview?

Windows 11 Preview is a major update to Windows 10, and it should be installed only if you are willing to accept the risks involved with installing an unfinished product.

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