Solanium (SLIM) Price Eyes Over 251% Upswing in a Week

On June 22nd, the Solanium (SLIM) price rallied by over 251%, and the coin has been trading in a 15-hour range in the last few days, hitting highs of $1.27 and lows of $0.08. This week has been a critical one for Solanium (SLIM) and we’ve got a lot of action to witness. At this moment, there is a short-term bullish trend in place, and the daily candlestick closed above the previous daily high with a +0.29% increase.

The Solanium (SLIM) price is up some 252% in a week’s time, as some investors jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. In the past week, the Solanium price has jumped from some $0.25/unit to some $2.20/unit, some 252% higher. This is a very healthy growth pattern, which shows a healthy upswing. If a project a has a healthy pattern of upswings, then you can be sure it will continue to grow in value. Investors can then buy into that project’s value at a low price and sell at a higher price, returning a nice profit.

Solanium (SLIM), a blockchain-based platform that aims to facilitate the creation and availability of a stable digital currency, has posted a 25.1% increase in value over the past week, which translates into a value of 251.4 US dollars per Solanium.

The global spread of cryptocurrencies, as simple as they seem, is astounding. The number of investors is increasing every day, and they are investing in a variety of ways. Significantly, advancements in the crypto sector are rapidly increasing. Integrating innovative technologies onto the platform has been a selling point for investors looking to invest in their local currencies.

Every week, new crypto-assets are launched to the market, resulting in a huge number of crypto-assets. Adding new tokens to the list is also becoming more common, and each ecosystem is working to extend its offerings.

On the Solana blockchain, Solanium is a decentralized platform. The platform will add decentralized fundraising, time-weighted token staking, and governance voting to the Solana ecosystem. The platform includes a DEX UI, staking, wallet management, governance, and a launchpad. By staking SLIM tokens, users may obtain xSLIM.

Situation on the Market Right Now

The current price is $2.71 at the time of writing, with a 24-hour trading volume of $7,150,363. SLIM has risen to 251 percent in a week, according to Coingecko, and now ranks 390th. Furthermore, there are 46,000,000 SLIM coins in circulation right now.

Solanium-SLIM-Price-Eyes-Over-251-Upswing-in-a-WeekSolanium Trading Chart

The positive trend over the last week is shown on the chart. The 30-day data shows that the price has increased to 559 percent, while the 14-day chart shows that the price has risen to 258 percent. ZT,, Raydium, MEXC, and Serum DEX are the leading SLIM exchanges.

Phantom Into Solanium (Phantom Into Solanium)

Solanium incorporated Phantom wallet, which is designed for DeFi and NFTs, on August 31. It’s a user-friendly Solana wallet with excellent NFT compatibility. The number of DeFi and NFT users would have increased as a result of the integration of Phantom wallet. A DeFi and NFT wallet on a secure platform is a sweet spot for users.

The integration of Phantom wallet with Solanium, based on recent upgrades, may be the cause of the SLIM price increase. Users, on the other hand, are anticipating further higher prices as the system evolves. With continuing improvements, it would be a piece of cake for users. Significantly, investors expect further increases in the near future.

The Solanium (SLIM) price has surged over the past week, skyrocketing over 20% in less than 24 hours on December 14th, 2018. This price increase has partly been attributed to the fact that the SLIM coin has been listed on 16 new exchanges over the past week, including CoinBene, Coinegg, CoinEx, and KuCoin.. Read more about forth price prediction and let us know what you think.

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