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The future is Bitcoin according to South Park creators

South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker told the New York Times that they believe Bitcoin is on “a trajectory” to becoming a global currency. The NBC show has previously been outspoken about its distaste for cryptocurrencies, but it seems like this new stance could be in tune with the spirit of libertarianism.

The “trey parker matt stone” is a video that has been released by the creators of South Park. The video describes how Bitcoin will be the future of currency.

South Park, an animated television series that often covers current events with a comic spin, depicted Bitcoin as a common payment method in the not-too-distant future.

South Park featured one of the show’s characters, Stan Marsh, paying for a stay in a cheap motel using Bitcoin (BTC) around 40 years from now, when the epidemic is humorously about to stop for real, in the “Post COVID” episode of its 24th season, which aired today. The fictitious Super 12 Motel Plus exclusively takes “Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies,” with Marsh paying using a plastic card with the BTC emblem and a QR code in a future when practically all brand names contain “plus” and “maxx.”

“It’s the future,” the hotel clerk said, “we’ve all agreed centralized banking is rigged, therefore we rely more in fly-by-night Ponzi schemes.”


Many in the crypto community are familiar with South Park’s criticism of the US government’s and banks’ responses to the 2008 financial crisis, which was popularized by the meme “aaaand… it’s gone” — alluding to Marsh losing money he placed in a bank right away. Autonomous automobiles, holographic digital assistants, and stand-up comedy becoming a ghost of itself amid “woke” society are among the other future predictions made in the current episode.

Though mainstream media today often mentions cryptocurrencies and blockchain, this was not always the case. The Good Wife was the first TV show to employ BTC in January 2012, but since then, several shows have used the growing technology and financial instrument for both humor and drama. This year, James Spader’s character on The Blacklist claimed to know Satoshi’s actual name, while The Simpsons used an animated stock ticker feed to portray the BTC price rising to infinity.

Users who have been locked out of their wallets are being cast in a reality show.

Bitcoin’s inclusion on the popular cartoon series comes as the crypto asset’s price has remained mostly unchanged for more than a week, hovering around $60,000. According to Cointelegraph Markets Pro statistics, the BTC price is $59,237 at the time of publishing, down more than 14% from its all-time high of $69,000 on November 10.

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