OP-ED: Could crypto IDOs replace IPOs as a capital generator?

In recent years, Initial Coin Offerings have been one of the most effective ways to raise capital. However, there are certain risks associated with ICOs that could see investors lose their money and which will likely reduce in number as time goes on. In preparation for this trend, many companies have begun looking into alternate methods of raising funds that do not involve an ICO or a Token Sale at all

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Initial DEX offerings (IDOs) and initial public offers (IPOs) are popular ways for firms to raise funds in the cryptocurrency market.

They’re both profitable ways for new businesses to raise money. IDOs, on the other hand, are based on decentralized exchanges and are not subject to the same stringent restrictions as centralized exchanges.

Other advantages might persuade firms to prefer IDOs over IPOs as their primary source of finance to capitalize on the ever-changing crypto market. 

What is the Allure of an Initial Public Offering (IPO)?

Startups and established businesses may both go public via initial public offerings. If a company wants to be properly listed on the stock market, it must go through an initial public offering (IPO).

These procedures include submitting a statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which includes a prospectus providing financial statements as well as any risk considerations that prospective investors need to know about before making an investment. 

An initial public offering (IPO) permits a corporation to sell shares to the general public and subsequently collect funds. While an IPO is a tremendous step forward for a business, it is only recommended if the firm has attained a considerable degree of financial stability and maturity. 

An IPO may help a company raise brand awareness by allowing them to reach out to companies that might otherwise be unaware of their existence. It also helps businesses to recruit top people and improve their image by portraying themselves as bigger and more efficient than their private peers.

Kraken and Ripple are two examples of well-known and impending initial public offerings.

However, some businesses discover that going public is costly, requiring them to pay a variety of fees and comply with a slew of rules. Underwriting fees, reporting fees, filing fees, and other expenses must all be considered.

Over time, these costs add up rapidly. So, if a firm lacks that degree of financial maturity, going public may be more harmful than beneficial. 

Furthermore, owing to regulatory limits and processes that must be followed before any stocks may be placed up for sale, the process might take six months or longer. When corporations are under pressure to perform at a high level after becoming public, they may reconsider utilizing an IPO to raise money. 

IDOs may provide people with more control and fewer restrictions. 

Because of their decentralized character, IDOs are intriguing as fund generators for companies. Decentralized liquidity markets are often used to issue IDO currencies. These are cryptocurrency asset exchanges that depend on liquidity pools to allow token swaps to take place. As a consequence, decentralized liquidity markets enable businesses to get cash quickly. 

By employing an IDO as a capital generator, you may make protocols available to traders while avoiding the control of others. IDOs are often self-organized, which means they provide no warranties or guarantees while the issuer maintains control.

Furthermore, unlike previous offers like as initial exchange offerings (IEOs), issuers have no limits when it comes to listing their tokens on rival exchanges. It gives companies that want to get into the crypto industry greater power and leads to a more transparent and equitable capital raising procedure.

The IDO model to capital creation enables firms to launch fundraising events without obtaining approval from centralized exchanges, enabling anybody to participate, not just private investors. 

The fundamental disadvantage of an IDO is that it lacks a control mechanism, which makes it susceptible since some kind of management over a fundraising process is required. Furthermore, when investors trade tokens, the values of those tokens will fluctuate, possibly leading to blatant price manipulation by whales (investors who possess a high number of tokens).

As a consequence, token issuers won’t know exactly how much money was raised during a given event. For IDOs to genuinely take over as the leading money producer in the crypto industry, more transparency, scalability, and control are required. 

What Does the Future Hold for IDOs as a Source of Capital?

Polkastarter, one of the most popular IDO platforms, believes that the future is bright. They had more than 60 IDOs by June 2021, and had raised more than $20 million in its first six months of operation. 

Because of the problems that alternative offerings such as ICOs, STOs, IEOs, and IPOs have had in the past, IDOs are becoming more appealing to firms seeking general finance without having to wait for permission from centralized exchanges.

More has to be done to prevent whales and fraudsters from tampering with token price if it is to become the primary source of financing. To make it a more ideal solution, a control mechanism is required to eliminate wild token price changes during fundraising activities.

As a result, IDOs will be firmly established as the future of capital creation for new businesses.

Adam Garcia of The Stock Dork contributes a guest article.

Adam is a self-taught entrepreneur that enjoys building on others’ accomplishments while providing them with the information and tools they need to create meaningful chances for themselves. Since high school, he has had a love for money and investing, which inspired him to develop TheStockDork.com as a resource for all investors. Adam developed and ran an investor relations firm before launching TheStockDork.com. He has evolved into a leader who has paved the way for many new investors and traders by demonstrating the ins and outs of achieving financial independence.

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