Blockfolio Review: Is It The Best Crypto Tracking App?

Blockfolio is a great app for tracking your cryptocurrency portfolio. It has a clean interface, easy to use features and it can be used on iPhone or Android devices.

Blockfolio is a free mobile app that tracks your cryptocurrency holdings, automatically updates prices, and shows you the value of your portfolio in US dollars.

Cryptocurrency has taken the globe by storm. In today’s crypto world, it’s normal to maintain a diverse portfolio of cryptocurrencies. This makes keeping track of the value of all of your assets a significant challenge, which is where a good crypto tracker tool may come in handy. Blockfolio is the most popular cryptocurrency tracker software, allowing you to keep track of all your assets right from your phone. Our in-depth Blockfolio review will provide you with all the information you need to decide if Blockfolio is the best crypto portfolio software.

What is Blockfolio, exactly?

Blockfolio crypto tracker graphic

Blockfolio is a smartphone software that enables users to keep track of cryptocurrency activities at any time and from any location. It was one of the very first applications dedicated to keeping track of bitcoin investments. The Blockfolio crypto tracker makes keeping track of your whole cryptocurrency holdings easy.

The application addresses the issue of investors owning several cryptocurrencies in various wallets and needing to enter into many accounts to monitor their holdings. The portfolio value is tracked across various exchanges using Blockfolio data, which is kept in a single centralized place. This is very helpful, since there are now over 3000 distinct cryptocurrencies, and getting pricing statistics for each of them is difficult. Blockfolio keeps track of new currencies and changes its roster on a regular basis, so you don’t have to.

What are the characteristics of Blockfolio?

With these appealing features, Blockfolio competes for the best crypto portfolio app:

  • Make your own homepage that you can customize.
  • Cut through the endless statistics on hundreds of coins and just look at the ones you’re interested in.
  • The crypto tracker allows you to create price alerts to notify you when a currency hits a certain value. Users may also be notified if a currency’s value is declining.
  • This allows you to take action if the price of a coin falls below a particular threshold. Top tip: Don’t configure the app to notify you if you have too many coins. Getting dozens of alerts each day will become inconvenient.
  • The software supports over 3000 different cryptocurrencies and accepts a variety of worldwide currencies.
  • It uses simple charts to provide extensive information about coinage. These figures may be examined across a variety of time periods.
  • The latest news from Blockfolio. Users may stay up with the latest developments in the bitcoin sector by visiting the “news” section. You may add your preferred news publisher to the RSS feed by customizing it.

The Blockfolio software enables you to completely modify and personalize your bitcoin monitoring tool. We believe the degrees of flexibility are fantastic, and it’s wonderful to see Blockfolio recognize that when it comes to bitcoin portfolio monitoring, one size does not fit all.

What is Blockfolio and how can I utilize it?

It’s simple to get started with our cryptocurrency tracking software. On both iOS and Android smartphones, Blockfolio may be downloaded. It’s worth noting that Blockfolio for PC is presently unavailable. It’s only available on smartphones for now.

Blockfolio Cryptocurrency Tracker Logo

For Apple Devices, Download

For Android Devices, Download

Step 1:

You may get the crypto portfolio for free on the App Store or Play Store. The large white B on a black backdrop distinguishes the program. Launch the app and go through the instructions. When you’re ready to add your bitcoin assets, tap “Finish.”

Step 2:

Remove all of the default options. For illustration reasons, the Blockfolio team would have included a cryptocurrency. Our recommendation is to remove all of the examples and start again. You’ll be sent to a screen with information if you touch on the coin. By pressing on the trash bin in the upper right corner and selecting yes, you may remove the coin. Repeat until your site is devoid of coins.

Blockfolio cryptocurrency tracker start screen

Step 3:

Add the coins you’d want to keep track of. Blockfolio is one of the most comprehensive portfolio apps on the market, with the ability to monitor over 3000 different currencies. By pressing “Add coin” or the “+” in the right corner, you may add a new coin. At the top of the list will always remain Bitcoin and Ethereum. Find your coin using the search box and touch on it.

Step 4:

Fill up the blanks with the information of your transaction. You’ll be sent to the “Add Transaction” page when you touch on a coin. Select the “Trading Pair” and the exchange from where you purchased your coins. Each currency will have its own exchange list, which will be sorted by trading pairings.

Add transaction on Blockfolio crypto tracker

Step 5:

Input the total amount of coins in your wallet. It is feasible to alter historical pricing, although it is not required. Selecting ‘Trade Price’ will allow you to do so. You may choose the price you paid for your coins before in this section. When you’ve completed entering all of the information, click “SAVE” in the right top corner to save the transaction date.

Step 6:

Steps 3 through 6 should be repeated for each coin you possess. If you purchased the same coin on a different day or for a different price, you should make a new entry. After that, you’ll be able to manage your whole bitcoin portfolio.

Adding coins to Blockfolio app

The main page will now provide an overview of your coins as well as the value of your portfolio. By touching on the column headings, you may sort the coins. When you tap on the coins, you’ll see the most recent price changes for that currency. You may also zoom in on the graphs to see all of the details more clearly.

Is Blockfolio a secure platform?

Because you don’t have to input any personal information into Blockfolio, it’s a secure app. To get access to your account, the crypto tracker will never ask for personal information. Blockfolio’s only goal is to assist you in keeping track of and updating your bitcoin holdings. In addition, the customer service staff responds quickly to inquiries. Given that Blockfolio is a free software, we think this very remarkable.

The sole drawback to this software is that Blockfolio may sell your trade data to other parties. If you’re a cryptocurrency whale that owns a large percentage of a certain cryptocurrency’s circulating supply, this may be a security issue.

Issues with Blockfolio

The most serious issue with Blockfolio is that it sells user-generated trade data. Because of this, many users have removed the crypto tracker. Blockfolio’s privacy policy, on the other hand, says that the app does not sell, rent, or transfer individual personal information to unrelated third parties. For research reasons, they may share, sell, or rent aggregated data to other parties.

Blockfolio is a free app, and we must recognize that in order for it to be viable, it must earn money from someplace. Many customers returned to Blockfolio once the privacy statement was published, but the problem remains a source of worry for many in the bitcoin industry.

Another issue is the possibility that Blockfolio may display erroneous transaction pricing. This issue may occur as a result of data inconsistencies or mistakes. Data inaccuracies may lead to the false impression that the price of a cryptocurrency is increasing or decreasing. This erroneous data may sometimes create fear among consumers. Blockfolio, on the other hand, is excellent at recognizing data problems and is quite open about it on social media. It’s also worth noting that these data problems don’t happen very frequently, and they’re not a huge concern in the larger scheme of things. Day traders may have a brief heart attack as a result of inaccurate Blockfolio data, but it isn’t a major problem for the rest of us.

Blockfolio crypto portfolio app graph

Advantages and disadvantages

Blockfolio is the world’s most popular bitcoin portfolio tracker, and many consider it to be the greatest cryptocurrency portfolio software ever.


  • Blockfolio is a totally free software that does not bombard you with intrusive advertisements. The crypto tracker now has a very clean and user-friendly appearance.
  • Over 3000 coins may be added to your portfolio. Every cryptocurrency contains information for each exchange on which it is listed, as well as various trading pairings.
  • You have the option of customizing your own price alerts. When the chosen coin increases or falls above a value you choose, the app will notify you.
  • A rudimentary news feed is available on Blockfolio. This RSS feed may be customized so that users only see news from their preferred sources.
  • Customer service is very responsive. We should emphasize how uncommon this is in the realm of cryptocurrency portfolio applications.


  • Each transaction must be manually submitted into Blockfolio. If you’ve invested in hundreds of different cryptocurrencies, entering transactions may take a long time.
  • The coin data and prices may vary from the real exchange rates available on exchanges.
  • Constant price alerts may be irritating if you hold a lot of different cryptocurrencies. It may seem that the app is sending you too many notifications at times.
  • Customer data is sold and shared by Blockfolio with other parties.


Delta Crypto Tracker

Delta is the most popular Blockfolio alternative for the title of greatest crypto portfolio app. Delta is a relatively new cryptocurrency portfolio tracker, having launched in late 2017. In comparison to Blockfolio, the program supports a comparable amount of currencies. Delta, unlike Blockfolio, adds new features on a regular basis and does not sell or share user data with other parties. Before you make your decision on the Delta vs. Blockfolio argument, read our Delta Guide.

CoinCap is another software that might be considered a rival. CoinCap allows you to create three distinct portfolios (Altfolio) and integrates with ShapeShift. This integration allows users to purchase and trade currencies directly from the crypto tracker. CoinCap, on the other hand, only supports 700 coins, much less than Blockfolio or Delta.


Is Blockfolio the greatest cryptocurrency portfolio app? The TotalCrypto team considers it to be one of the most well-designed crypto trackers available. It’s not only simple to use, but it’s also totally free.

The software makes it simple to maintain track of your bitcoin portfolio and guarantees that you are always up to speed on changes in its value, no matter where you are. The app’s simplicity of use makes it extremely addicting, and some people may prefer to spend and forget.

The Blockfolio software keeps track of over 3000 currencies, which you may manually add to your portfolio. It may take a long time to add all of your cryptocurrencies if you have a large number of them. However, we are certain that it will be worthwhile after you have completed it. The customized homepage and price notifications make keeping track of your assets a breeze.

Blockfolio, in a word, accomplishes precisely what it claims to do. It’s a pity, however, that the data isn’t always correct and that it distributes consumer information with other parties. Despite these flaws, we believe that this crypto tracker is a must-have for every crypto trader.

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DISCLAIMER: The activity of the cryptoassets discussed in this paper is uncontrolled. This post is not intended to provide financial advice. Always do independent research.

Blockfolio is a free app that tracks different cryptocurrencies and allows users to trade them. The how to use blockfolio is a must-have for anyone who wants to know how to use this app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blockfolio good for Crypto?

Blockfolio is a good app for tracking your cryptocurrency investments, but its not the best option for trading. It has limited features and many users have complained about bugs and crashes.

What is the best crypto tracking app?

There is no single best crypto tracking app. The best apps will depend on your specific needs, and what you want to track.

How good is Blockfolio?

Blockfolio is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app. It was originally designed for Bitcoin, but since the launch of Ethereum it has been updated to track all cryptocurrencies.

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