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The cryptocurrency market is a male-dominated space, and that’s not really surprising. A new report from CoinCentral suggests that nearly 80 percent of all crypto assets are held by men. But what does this mean for the future of blockchain gaming?

The blockchain nft is a decentralized digital ledger. It is the technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This article analyzes how it works, its benefits, and more.

The World of White Guys is a group of 10,000 NFT white dudes who are all described as being distinct, cool, and varied.

Each white guy is an ERC-721 NFT based on Ethereum that is created at random depending on several uncommon characteristics.

It’s possible he was born with it: maybe it’s Bob from Accounting.

There are two types of NFT characteristics in the World of White Dudes: “Outer Uniqueness” and “Inner Beauty.”

The following items are included in the Outer Uniqueness attribute:

  1. Various skin tones: some are tanned.
  2. Glasses or no glasses, the choice is yours. 
  3. Long sleeved shirts, short sleeved shirts, button-down shirts. Wine stains may be seen on several of the items.
  4. No accounting department would be complete without different degrees of baldness.
  5. “Rare features” include a golden tooth or the absence of a tooth.

The Inner Beauty quality comprises the following:

  1. Their names are office nicknames such as Old Bob, Retired Bob, Rich Bob (fortunate man), and so on, despite the fact that they are all called Bob.
  2. Regrets: Each Bob has a hidden characteristic of “regrets,” such as “regrets for not being a better father” or “regrets for losing contact with pals.” One of the rarest characteristics is a Bob who has no regrets– a Bob’s head is heavy. 
  3. Bob’s happiness is measured on a scale of one to one hundred.

World of White Dudes NFT is a project on the world of white dudes.

On September 29, 2021, the World of White Dudes NFT was published with the following smart contract address:

It’s an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain, and it uses IPFS for file hosting.


There are 10,000 NFTs in the collection, with 250 being kept back for freebies, marketing, and team use.

Bobs may be purchased for 0.05 ETH each. With a volume of 0.30 ETH, the OpenSea floor is presently at 0.2 ETH.

NFT Analysis on the World of White Dudes

The project is a satirical dance between NFT culture and diversity as a concept.

We can only imagine that it began as a joke among friends and evolved into the development and launch of a real NFT project, and we believe that many OpenSea launches have a similar genesis story.

World of White Dudes is a unique picture of Internet culture at an intriguing time: digital artwork is selling for millions of dollars, and the concept of diversity has been twisted to the point of insanity by marketing teams and corporate activists.

In the end, World of White Dudes seems to be a lighthearted joke– less art than social criticism, but most importantly, something that optimizes for responses ranging from a lukewarm “oh yeah, really?” to a “this is hilarious, why?”

The “silent” characteristic of regrets is an important point to take away from the project– NFTs often don’t have a story or dialogue connected to them, and this is the first project we’ve seen that incorporates a unique narrative as an attribute.

Is it a good idea to invest in World of White Dudes NFT?

WOWD is in the same category as RAREPEPEs, one of which was sold for a staggering $500,000.

Are we suggesting that World of White Dudes has a RAREPEPEs-like value? We don’t set the rules for how the Internet accepts art and memes, but we also don’t manufacture them.

Trying to figure out the potential value of a satirical project like World of White Dudes in its early stages is like looking through a kaleidoscope– but perhaps the most useful analysis is to see how many unique owners end up minting and keeping Bobs, at least long enough to see how the secondary market reacts to them.

Find Your Bob in the World of White Dudes

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